Experts in valuation, damages, and accounting

Reference Consulting can provide expert evidence to dispute resolution clients involved in litigation, arbitration, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

We help resolve expert issues.

Our Singapore based expert, Peter Maras has a reputation for working as part of an arbitration and litigation team to present sound and persuasive independent expert evidence.

Expert witness

Our expert can prepare an independent expert report, reply report, joint report, and attend a hearing to provide oral expert witness testimony in the areas of valuation, damages, and accounting.

Expert determinations and mediations

We can act as an independent expert who determines the dispute, or as a mediator who can guide the parties through the expert issues.

Consulting expert

We can act as a non-independent consulting or "shadow" expert, or as an expert assisting counsel with submissions to the independent expert in an expert determination or jointly appointed expert in litigation or arbitration proceedings.


We can prepare an independent valuation report assessing the value of a company, business, assets or derivatives on an appropriate valuation basis for use in dispute resolution.

Economic damages

We can prepare an expert report on the quantum of economic damages for a claim or counterclaim for the claimant(s) / plaintiff(s) or respondent(s) / defendant(s) involved a dispute including for business interruption losses.

Financial modelling

We can prepare financial models under multiple scenarios and quantify the outcome through scenario and sensitivity analysis for use in dispute resolution.