Independent valuation and damages experts

Reference Consulting specialises in asset, business, company and derivatives valuation, damages quantification, accounting, and providing expert evidence for dispute resolution.

About us

Independent valuation and damages experts

Reference Consulting, based in Singapore, was founded by Peter Maras to provide value for money expertise in valuation, damages quantification and accounting for dispute resolution clients requiring expert evidence or expert determinations in Asia.

We are an independent firm, who can assist dispute resolution clients requiring a single joint expert, expert determination, party expert or consulting (shadow) expert to help resolve valuation and quantum issues.

Personalised service

Our expert will be with you at every step of the way, from initial consultation, report preparation, and attendance at hearings to provide oral testimony. 

Deep expertise

A deep first principles approach means we can opine on the most complex issues requiring expertise on valuation, damages quantification or accounting.

Peter Maras, Reference Consulting's Expert Witness

Our services

Reference Consulting specialises in providing expertise for dispute resolution clients in the areas of valuations, damages, and accounting.

Expert witness

Our expert, Peter Maras can act as your expert witness at your arbitration or litigation hearing. Peter can act as a party appointed expert or be jointly instructed by both sides as the single expert to save costs.

Expert determinations

We can be engaged to resolve your dispute on a technical area of valuation, damages, or accounting.

Consulting expert

We can act as a consulting or "shadow" expert, providing a review of the testifying expert's opinion and assisting with instructions, expert evidence strategy and expert witness cross-examination.


We can assist in advising the appropriate basis of valuation and provide an opinion as to the fair value or market value of an asset, business, shares in company or derivative instrument.

Economic damages

We can assist in assessing the consequential loss and provide an opinion and calculation of the amount of damages under various factual scenarios.


We can be engaged to aid with accounting expert evidence or mixed issues of valuation, damages, and accounting.


People who have worked with Peter have stated the following.

“Peter is very perceptive, commercial, hands on and a delight to work with. He’s technically very sound in his approach to valuation and best of all, he’s able to explain it simply and clearly.”

Melvin Lum, Director
Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC

“Peter was responsive and easy to work with. He delivered thorough work product within deadlines which helped us achieve a good result for the client relating to a business interruption insurance claim.”

International Legal Counsel
Law firm

“Peter is a highly competent practitioner and has deep expertise and detailed knowledge in valuation matters.”

Chartered Accountant
Consulting firm

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